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Established in 1997, today Tenliva is engaged in wholesale and retail business, printing production and transportation services. Our assets include experienced and highly-skilled employees, company-owned printing equipment, approx. 1,000 sq. m of warehouse facilities, state-of-the-art printing showrooms, a printing office, and Iveco furniture vans.

We sell and supply the following products:
- Metal furniture,
- Banking and encashment goods,
- Office products and stationary.

Our company is one of the major suppliers of metal furniture in Belarus. We offer metal cabinets, safes, closet organizers, racks, key storages and trash cans produced by the best Russian and Belarusian manufacturers. Our versatile product range includes affordable models along with superior furniture with the best performance.

Over 25 years of cooperation with Belarusian banking sector. Within its comprehensive approach, Tenliva supplies banks with banking and office products, metal furniture and printing goods.

Using a combination of digital and traditional printing equipment, we are able to provide a wide range of high-quality printing products, such as advertising, branded and standard items.

Our printing services include:
- Printing and post-processing,
- Image application on souvenir products, 
- Design and desktop publishing services.

Offering diverse products, we have also established an efficient delivery system. Our comprehensive approach allows saving time and reducing costs of our customers, who's demands are satisfied by a single supplier.

We aim to be a reliable partner and supply high-quality goods. In relationships with our customers, we apply flexible pricing policy and focus on clients’ needs. We are highly concerned about our company's success, which encourages us for continuous implementation of sophisticated manufacturing technologies, improvement of managerial and administration practices, and expansion of our distribution network. These efforts consistently yield favorable results. We cooperate with almost 3000 companies, including banks, industrial enterprises, medical institutions, retailers, catering companies, government and private entities, as well as self-employed professionals all over Belarus.

While appreciating our regular clients and suppliers, we are always open towards new cooperation opportunities!

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